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Do You Need a Cycling Jersey?

There is no doubt that safety is the number one priority when riding a bike. Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer, but what about cycling clothes? Is it really necessary to invest in a special cycling wardrobe? Some people claim that it makes no difference, while others say that it can help improve your performance.

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There is no right or wrong answer, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, if you are planning on biking regularly, it might be worth investing in some cycling clothes. They can help improve your comfort and may even help you ride more efficiently.

The reasons for not wearing cycling clothes are always 3 reasons.

First, they are occasional riding, not professional riders, so there is no need to wear cycling clothes.

Second, cycling clothing is tight wearing and too embarrassing, so they always feel uncomfortable.

Third, it is not very convenient to wear cycling clothes when commuting or playing.

For many cycling enthusiasts, the right cycling clothes are essential. They believe that wearing the proper gear during a ride can make a big difference.

Most people think that the primary function of cycling jerseys is to simply make riders look good. While looking good certainly doesn’t hurt, the main purpose of tight-fitting cycling jerseys is actually to reduce wind resistance and help with perspiration.

The fabric of cycling jerseys is mostly special fabric that can transport sweat from the body surface through the clothing fibers to the surface layer of the clothing and evaporate quickly while riding to achieve efficient perspiration and dry riding. In order to achieve this type of perspiration, it is completely necessary to wear tight-fitting clothing. Otherwise, the sweat will simply soak into the clothing and make the rider feel wet and uncomfortable.

Maybe you won’t feel any awkwardness in ordinary clothes when you ride a dozen or twenty kilometers, but When you ride more than a hundred kilometers, even the slightest bit of extra wind resistance or weight can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel.

In addition, the back side of the cycling clothes generally have 3 deep pockets. Unlike your regular clothes, which have pockets that are designed for everyday use, cycling clothes have pockets that are specifically designed for riding.

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These pockets are usually located in the back of the shirt or jersey, and they are deep enough to hold your phone, wallet, or other essentials. They are also designed so that they can be easily accessed while you are riding.

This is important because it means that you don’t have to stop and dig through your pockets every time you need something. Instead, you can just reach back and grab what you need without missing a beat.

Secondly, cycling clothes come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing is that they are highly visible on the road. This is not only for safety, but also to make sure that drivers can see you from a distance and take the necessary precautions. Most cycling clothes are designed with reflective strips on the back, which makes them visible even in the dark. So, if you are looking for some safe and stylish cycling clothes, make sure to check out the latest designs!


In short, when riding a bike, wearing cycling clothes is as important as wearing a helmet! It reduces wind resistance, wicks sweat, is breathable, easy to wash, and dries quickly.

Post time: Jan-26-2023